Become a WordPress Developer

Designed for those who are willing to learn WordPress and become expert in WordPress development.


01 Hour Daily, 20 Hours Total.


Unlock the full power of WordPress and go beyond “just a blog platform” by learning how to code completely custom WordPress powered sites. 

Together we will build a website for a fictional university and along the way we will;

  • Install WordPress on your personal computer so you have a private playground copy of WordPress to practice and experiment with
  • Learn page builders
  • Get introduced to the PHP language (this is what powers WordPress)
  • Set up a new theme (You’ll learn how to convert any HTML template into a living breathing WordPress theme)
  • Learn to edit theme
  • Create custom post types and custom fields
  • Relate pieces of content with each other (e.g. a professor and a program)
  • Learn the basics of (object-oriented) JavaScript
  • Learn to use JavaScript to communicate with the WordPress back-end on the fly
  • Let visitors sign up for a basic account on our site
  • Deploy your website live up onto the web for the entire world to view

What you'll learn

Why code is the key to building whatever you can imagine with WordPress

The ability to write JavaScript to add on the fly interactivity to a WordPress site

The skills, knowledge and vocabulary to work professionally as a WordPress developer

The ability to write PHP to manipulate the data of a WordPress site

How to code your own new custom block types

Work as a freelance wordpress developer.


  • Basic WordPress knowledge (how to create a blog post, etc…)
  • A basic understanding of HTML (e.g. “p” is for paragraph, “h1” is for headline, etc…)
  • No CSS knowledge required (although it helps to understand that CSS is used to add style & design to a page)
  • No JavaScript knowledge required (although it helps to understand that JS is used to add interactivity to a page)

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to use WordPress as a true Content Management System and not “just a blog platform.”
  • People who want to learn about the “REST API” which allows us to interact with WordPress data on the fly in real-time.
  • Anyone interested in custom post types, custom fields, and creating relationships between various content types.

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