Learn to make your career on Fiverr

Learn Fiverr and learn how to sell your skills on the internet through Fiverr.


02 Hours Weekly, Total 8 Hours

What you'll learn

Learn how to create and keep updated your Fivver account

Learn the art of up-selling additional freelancing services

Make serious money on freelancing Fiverr

Turn your Fiverr buyers into long-term customers who have high lifetime customer value

Build a big freelancing business by hiring other freelancers

Sell many more freelancing gigs with on-Fiverr SEO

Increase average freelancing order size on Fiverr

Sell many gig-extras and additional freelancing services to existing customers


  • Have some freelancing skills that you would like to promote on Fiverr

Learn to

  • Have your gigs rank in Fiverr search and be discovered by more buyers
  • Get people to make large orders from you
  • Turn buyers into long-term customers who buy many gigs from you
  • Increase sales of your gig extras
  • Get your gigs to rank highly in Fiverr search, and get many organic sales from Fiverr search
  • Maximize revenue potential from each customer

What types of fiverr freelancing services can you promote with this course?

  • Marketing like SEO and social media marketing
  • Freelancing for developers selling web development and app development
  • Design services
  • Sales and blog copywriting
  • Coaching
  • Voiceover
  • Spokesperson videos
  • Video creation, transcription, animation

Who this course is for

  • This course is idea for people looking to make money freelancing from home
  • If you are already freelancing on other sites, Fiverr can be a great addition
  • This is ideal for people looking to supplement their income with Fiverr freelancing

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