Learn English Language (Advanced)

Refine Your English Language Skills for Professional, Academic, and Personal Success.


01 Hour Daily, Total 120 Hours

What you'll learn

Refined grammar rules and their correct usage.

A broader range of vocabulary, including idioms and expressions.

Advanced conversational skills, including making reports and participating in discussions.

Improved pronunciation, including accent reduction and emphasis.

Cultural awareness and the ability to effectively communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Effective listening and comprehension skills, including the ability to understand native English speakers.

Strategies for self-study and ongoing language development.

Good writing skills.


  • Students should be able to read and understand basic English.
  • Computer/Laptop/Smartphone and Internet.


Are you ready to master the English language? 
Are you tired of learning the same simple topics and never really getting better at English speaking or English grammar? This course will fix all those problems. This has been one of the top SISPN English courses for many years, and that is because we care about our students.

The English language advanced course is designed for individuals who have a strong foundation in the English language and are looking to further improve their speaking, writing, and comprehension skills. This course focuses on refining grammar, expanding vocabulary, and improving conversational fluency. The curriculum includes interactive lessons, challenging exercises, and real-life scenarios that allow students to apply their language skills in practical situations. The course also emphasizes pronunciation, accent reduction, and cultural awareness. The advanced English course is taught by experienced teachers and is suitable for individuals seeking to improve their language skills for professional, academic, or personal reasons. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the English language, allowing them to communicate effectively and confidently in a variety of settings.

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to master English grammar, improve their English speaking and English writing, and feel confident with the English language.

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